All's fair in love and war...and this is a bit of both

31 May 1989


Hi, here's a bit about me. I'm 23 years old. I'm from New Jersey, but I currently live in Florida. I'm going to school to become a teacher. I like TV and movies, and I love to read. Music is better than life, I have crazy love for David Cook, and I'm a die hard Phillies fan. Most of the time, I make wallpapers, but I'm starting to get into banners as well. You will also occasionally see a video, icons, and maybe even a fic here and there. I'm almost always taking requests, so if you want something, don't be afraid to ask. That's pretty much it. I hope you enjoy!.


abby/mcgee, adam/joan, alex/izzie, always sunny in philadelphia, angel, angel/cordelia, angela/hodgins, annie/auggie, army wives, avery/lexie, barney/robin, bella/edward, betty/daniel, blue bloods, bones, books, booth/brennan, brooke/julian, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, burn notice, castiel/dean, cate/baze, charmed, chloe/jimmy, chris keller, christina dodd, chuck, chuck/blair, criminal minds, csi miami, csi ny, dan/vanessa, danny/lindsay, daryl/carol, david cook, dollhouse, drop dead diva, eddie izzard, edward/bella, elizabeth lowell, emmett/rosalie, eric/calleigh, evan/divya, firefly, fred/wesley, friends, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, gwen/owen, haley/chris, hank/evan, hardison/parker, harry potter, hart of dixie, heather graham, himym, hook/aurora, house md, house/cameron, jackie/hyde, jake/peyton, jasper/alice, jayne ann krentz, jayne/river, jennifer crusie, joan of arcadia, joey/rachel, joss whedon, julie garwood, lara adrian, leverage, lex/lana, life unexpected, lily/marshall, linda howard, lisa jackson, logan/veronica, lois/clark, luke/lorelai, lupin/tonks, lux/baze, mac/dick, mal/inara, marius/eponine, mark/callie, michael/fiona, midnight breed, monica/chandler, monk, morgan/garcia, nathan/haley, ncis, neal/peter, new girl, nicholas sparks, nora roberts, one tree hill, parker/kim, phillies, phoebe/cole, piper/leo, psych, puck/rachel, quinn/sam, raising hope, ray/neela, rogue/wolverine, ron/hermione, rory/jess, rose/scorpius, royal pains, rumpelstiltskin/belle, sarah/chuck, serena/carter, shawn/juliet, simon/kaylee, smallville, snape/lily, supernatural, suzanne brockmann, tasha/jones, tess/oliver, that 70's show, the walking dead, toby/spencer, twilight, two broke girls, ugly betty, veronica mars, victor/sierra, wash/zoe, white collar, will/grace, willow/tara, xander/anya, zoe/wade