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26 December 2012 @ 03:59 pm
World Enough, and Time - The Art  
This is the art for the journeystory fic World Enough, and Time by sara_wolfe. I originally picked this story because Chris is one of the main characters, and he's always been my favorite on the show. Then once I got started on the art, I couldn't stop, so there's a lot of it. :) I had a great time with this one. I really liked all the original characters (which is saying something because I usually don't read fics with OCs) Anyway...to the art.

Title: World Enough, and Time
Fandom: Charmed
Genre: Gen, background het
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Paige Matthews, Henry Mitchell, Chris Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell, Leo Wyatt, Cole Turner, OCs
Summary: Fourth in my AU series. In the future, the fight against Wyatt is going badly. The only hope the Resistance has is for Chris and his cousin, Josh, to travel back in time to when Wyatt was corrupted, in an attempt to save him. But what should have been a simple mission turns out to be more perilous than they could have imagined. And in the present, the Charmed Ones prepare for the arrival of Piper's baby. But, the Underworld wants the Twice-Blessed Child, as well, and neither side is going to give up without a fight.
Link to Story: World Enough, and Time...

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